What are the components of mold silicone? Is it widely used? how to choose?

What are the components of mold silicone?

This product consists of five components, namely base gum, catalyst, crosslinking agent, filler and additive. These ingredients are combined in scientific proportions and can play a good role. After curing at room temperature, an elastic and flexible colloid will be formed, which can be used for demoulding.

In which fields is mold silicone mainly used?

At present, mold silica gel has a wide range of applications, and can be used in craft gift industry, building decoration industry, candle industry, gypsum craft gift industry, resin craft industry and so on. According to the requirements of different industries, make suitable molds.

How to choose the right mold silicone?

The main operation mode should be considered when choosing, there are 20 degree and 40 degree silicone. Among them, silica gel with a hardness of 20 degrees has low viscosity and good fluidity, and the perfusion method is particularly simple, which is suitable for small handicrafts. The 40-degree hardness mold silicone is suitable for making large-scale products, and its advantages are more prominent in all aspects. Of course, when choosing, you also need to pay attention to the quality of silicone products, and it is better to choose a big brand, such as the root silicone, which has a variety of product types and can meet different needs.

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